Datto Blue Partner Status

We are proud to announce that SSE has officially achieved Blue Partner status with Datto!  Only 5% of Datto partners earn this rank, making it the highest honor a Datto partner can receive. This distinction recognizes SSE for “a high level of technological proficiency and skilled delivery of valued services to technology customers.”

Datto, A Key Piece of Our Pretecht Solution

Datto is the backup and disaster recovery solution in our bundled Pretecht technology stack. It plays an essential role, providing business continuity for our client-partners. When a cyber-breach or natural disaster occurs, Datto is there to avoid hefty ransomware fees as well as minimize downtime and productivity loss.

SSE is dedicated to leveraging technology to protect our client-partners and their businesses. With robust standards and processes, we only partner with the best technology vendors to ensure exceptional quality and service for our clients.

With our new Blue Partner status, we’ll be able to offer major benefits for our current and prospective clients. With our very own dedicated Datto technician, we’ll have access to even better service and quicker resolution times. We will also have access to additional training to build upon our knowledge as the digital landscape continues to change.

We’re proud to have earned this recognition as we continue our partnership with Datto, and we look forward to serving our clients even better with this new status.  To learn more about our “bundled” technology stack and the value it can bring to your small business, contact us today at www.xinghaocar.com.